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The ROI Guy is exactly what EVERY business needs.  No one, and I mean no one, does a better job of helping you track your ROI and finding the results that actually matter to your business.  In any economy, particularly in an economy like the one we are experiencing now, where every dollar spent counts, we need to make sure we are putting our dollars towards the greatest ROI for our business.  The ROI Guy helps us do that.  I use the ROI Guy to track my marketing campaigns, and you should too.

Nick Nanton, Esq., The Celebrity Lawyer

Richard Seppala and Total Census Solutions has found an easy-to-use fix for my most difficult productivity problem – making sure my marketing is working…and working well.

FOR YEARS, I tried different things to find out what the true ROI was on all of my marketing.  I trained, begged, and incentivized my staff to find out where our new patients were coming from.  And at the end of each and every month, only two sources came up – word-of-mouth and yellow pages.  I knew this wasn’t true because I was marketing in different areas, and I could see the increase in patient numbers; I just didn’t know from where.

But once we implemented Richard’s done-for-me system, it became a no-brainer.  Richard and TCS did all the work.  We didn’t need huge internal tracking sheets or specialized equipment.  We just answered the phone when it rang.  And we weren’t relying on the inaccurate information from the patients anymore.  We made marketing tracking 100% scientific and took the human error factor totally out.  Richard provided everything we needed.

Ginger Bratzel DDS
Small Town Dentist Success Systems

If I could use one word to describe Total Census Solutions, it would be TREMENDOUS!

The results clearly speak for themselves.  In 2006, we mailed out over 240,000 direct mail pieces that resulted in 32 tours and 16 move-ins.  In February to May of this year with TCS, we only mailed out 3000 postcards, and we had so many calls we were running 4 tours a day, 4 times a week.  We had 321 responses from pre-qualified prospects based on the data we got from TCS.

There is no way we could have done that before.  Richard and his team have been very responsive, and this whole system is “slick as can be.”  If I need something, it gets done effortlessly.

Jon Scott Williams
VP of Marketing, Christian Care Communities

We easily spend almost $60K for a 6 week campaign, and we want to make sure that investment is getting optimal results.  We can increase our numbers just from capturing any missed call.  TCS has given us such an advantage over the competition.  I would love to keep them as my own little secret weapon!  TCS is so great; we can’t imagine marketing without them in the future.

Ames Burkhouse
Director of Sales and Marketing
Carlton Senior Living