Call Tracking Traffic Analysis and Trending Data Advanced Caller Notification

Traffic Analysis and Trending Data

Plan staffing based on real data from your inbound call database.  Daily, weekly and monthly snapshots allow you to spot trends including:

  • Call connection ratios (answered vs missed calls)
  • Calls-per-day and traffic patterns by location
  • Peak calls by hour and day of the week

Call Pipeline Reporting

Capitalize on leads with daily call detail summaries which include:

  • How many inbound calls are received
  • Detailed caller information, including demographic data
  • Connection results (connected, busy, ring-no answer, abandoned)
  • Which prospects are repeat callers

You can also listen to call recordings to learn how individual calls are being handled by your staff and evaluate status on call follow-up.

Advertising ROI Analysis

Take the guess work out of media buys.  With TCS at-a-glance reports, you know the exact return you’re getting on each of your ad sources including:

  • Which ads generate the most leads
  • Cost per lead results
  • Lead quality (as measured by call duration)

TCS reports are available 24/7 through a secure Web login, via FTP downloads, or by email.