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Call Tracking

Total Census Solutions call-tracking services help you make informed decisions that improve your advertising ROI and generate more qualified leads.  National toll-free or local numbers allow you to track every call and know its lead source, plus capture critical information about each caller for immediate follow up and future marketing outreach.

TCS call tracking gives you the ability to:

  • Measure each of your media buys and compare their performance
  • Calculate ratios such as ROI and cost per lead
  • Collect critical business intelligence such as callers’ names and addresses
  • Record each phone call for training purposes

Track every phone lead and close more sales
TCS provides you with individual national toll-free or local telephone numbers to insert into each ad or marketing campaign you want to track.  Calls to these numbers are then routed to your business phone using our reliable, carrier-grade VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) network.

Get More from Your Marketing
TCS helps you take the guess work out of your marketing.  Our real-time, web-based reporting allows you to measure the impact of each ad and allocate marketing dollars where they’ll generate the most leads.

Capture More Inbound Leads
From the moment the phone number is dialed, our tracking technology captures important information about each call.  This data is captured even if your line is busy, or you’re not there to answer the phone.  With TCS call tracking, you’ll never miss a sales opportunity!

Close More Sales
Accelerate the sales process and improve your team’s ability to convert calls into sales with TCS call tracking.  Our Call Review feature allows you to digitally record every inbound call for coaching and training purposes.  Replay conversations to pinpoint weak sales techniques and better target employee training.  Monitor calls to recapture mishandled leads and increase conversion ratios.  With TCS call tracking, you have the insight you need into how calls are being handled; and your team has the feedback they need to improve their performance.