Call Tracking Traffic Analysis and Trending Data Advanced Caller Notification

How It Works

It couldn’t be easier!

Your advertising and marketing includes phone numbers … 

TCS provides you with national toll-free or local numbers that you can insert into every advertising campaign you wish to track.  Calls can ring to any number you choose – main office, marketing office or even a cell phone, and you don’t need to change your existing phone numbers, telephone service or buy any additional equipment.

… the customer dials one of these phone numbers …

When a customer dials one of these phone numbers, our technology automatically sends the call to your designated termination point: for example, your office or cell phone.  This happens instantly.  The customer just dials a phone number as usual, and you receive the ad source, time and date of call, caller’s name, address, telephone number, plus the duration of the call and the call results (answered, busy, dropped call, etc.)  The TCS reporting tool also captures all unanswered calls, so you can respond to and recapture any and all potential leads.

… you or your sales staff answers the phone …

TCS digitally records all incoming calls and stores them for up to 30 days.  You also receive up to 30 calls of permanent archived digital recordings.  Call recordings are a powerful tool for sales and staff training.  All recordings can be downloaded and saved to your hard drive, or you can email the recording to use for training and coaching.

You are provided 24/7 access to our call reporting and analysis software through a secure online website.  TCS Reports offer a concise view of which advertisements are producing and providing the optimum return on investment, what marketing messages are most effective, and which peak call times require additional staff to handle the phones.  TCS provides you with real-time vital statistics to determine the reach of your marketing, the ROI of your advertising, and how callers are being converted to customers.