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About Us

Our solutions are designed for the smallest of companies to comprehensive enterprise applications.  Since 1998, Total Census Solutions has been providing call-tracking services to the health care industry, as well as valuable information about marketing effectiveness and lead source evaluation. With Total Census Solutions you are able to make informed business decisions as you analyze your marketing and find the key to making your company a success.

About The President

Richard Seppala, also known as “The ROI Guy™,” is a best-selling author and marketing expert who is regularly sought out by the media for his opinion on marketing campaigns that really work.  Richard has been seen on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX affiliates, as well as in The Wall St. Journal, USA Today and Newsweek.

Richard is known for constantly asking the question, “What is the return on the investment you make for each of your marketing campaigns?”  He founded what has now become Total Census Solutions, a company that provides advertising tracking for clients nationwide.  The system monitors the success or failure of ad campaigns, tracks marketing response rates, determines return on investment (ROI) and identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing and customer service programs throughout your business life cycle.